Some requests

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Some requests

Postby Pressence » Wed Jun 30, 2010 6:04 pm

I'll just keep adding to this post as I come up with some requests that I think would be good to have implemented. they may have been requested before, but here's some simple ones I've come up with recently.

* The ability to easily loop music. Say you want background music for rooms, and only want to change it periodically for different parts of the game. It would be cool if we had an mp3 loop ready, and could just press a simple button to start, and end loops in certain places. (a loop script maybe)..

*More text options - make changing text color easier, and possibly have the ability to make words appear on the screen letter by letter.

*Better organization in game folder. You know how you have to have all files mp3s, images, and things like that in the same folder as the game file? How about a better browsing utility so we can have sound effects, images, background music, and things like that all in their own folders for better organization.

*a simple integrated stat system, battle system, for rpg fans. (and still have the option of making it customizable, or a customizable one of their own.

*better show picture options. Maybe so that we can have pictures appear where we want them to go on the screen.

Well that's all for now.


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