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Postby davidw » Mon Dec 03, 2007 1:45 pm

So who is it you're planning to get ‘revenge’ on then, Michael the Gamer? You’ve been on the forum… what? 5 minutes… and already you’ve got half the userbase of the forum on your hate list and the other half are probably just sat there shaking their heads in dismay over what an idiot you're making of yourself. If you ever do manage to get a game done, will there be anyone left here willing to play it or will your potential audience be avoiding it because they, too, are on your hate list?

If you can’t see what a fool you're making of yourself, you need a damn good kick up the backside. Let me know your address and I’ll be only too happy to deliver it.

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Postby Dr.Froth » Mon Dec 03, 2007 3:09 pm

Damn...I do not know why I did not think of this before.

Hey Michael the Gamer... I can tell that you enjoy pissing people off. That means you would probably love a shirt from my T-shirt store "Ferverwear."

My shop is, seriously, the most offensive shirt store in the world. If you can find a shop whose sum total of their products is more depraved and evil than mine...well you let me know and I'll make something worse. In over a year, we have not been able to find one. (Though sicworld and T-shirt hell have come close...pound for pound we are still more disturbed).

I can not even list the shirts in this forum. But one just created a huge rukus that almost got my little brother removed from an airport. I was almost shot for wearing one in the wrong place here in Houston.

Anyway, the store is at:


PS. For the rest of the forum: do not go to my site. You already have a year ago and hated it. You will still hate it. And I do not want hate on the forum...only peace and goodwill....(and maybe some maple bacon..mmmm).

Dr. Froth

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steve the gaming guy
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Postby steve the gaming guy » Mon Dec 03, 2007 7:12 pm

Hey Doc Froth, I'll have to re-check the website when I get home from work. Don't want to be shot by my network admins.

[deep breath] Ok...I figured I would step in for a minute since some of this is about me and apparently indirectly started by me. First, witch wyzurd, I wasn't even making a comment about Michael's game. I made a comment about a dther99 game that he made a comment on. Now we have to assume that he and dther99 are not the same person.

I never intended to insult you, Michael. There have been some name calling towards you from others (which you did bring on yourself) but I haven't called you any names nor have I been very outspoken with your comments. Despite my general quietness in the matter, I am still on your hate list and you still post things about me being an idiot. In the review below, you are giving a bad review (agreeing with me) about a game that was better written than any of the dther99 games yet you admit you were agreeing with me. And a little side note...when you post comments about games in the archives, it would be much easier to read if you didn't quote the entire page in your comment. ... e=143#r729

Michael wrote:This is the first time I have agreed with a idiot (Steve Lingle)
I agree that if the game doesnt work right dont post it on this website
about 75% off all games in this achieve are useless demos and junk.
Demo: If it was a demo that was made about 5 years ago maybe more maybe less and that was about to be relesed 1 years ago maybe less or more. Why didnt it came out full version at a exact date?
Junk: Everyone knows what is junk and the game called ryan's own msn is one of them
But I still dont get why are you negitive..

To defend myself from your initial attack that I have quoted in the other thread, I posted a quick comment in my gamethat you trashed without playing.

Steve wrote:Michael the gamer sure taught me a lesson. Apparently, he does not appreciate criticism of his grammar.

to which you replied

What the hell is criticism?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

I will let the other readers decide what that means but honestly, this all began from an honest critique (another big word) on a game and asked why you rated it a 3? Simple as that.

Other people have kindly backed me up with my reputation in here. I am generally a nice person. You've been requesting apologies. Maybe some are due to you from others. But not from me. I did not do anything wrong (please correct me, Alex and moderators, if there was something I said out of order). If anything, Michael, you owe everyone an apology for your continued attacks and you owe me an apology for your retaliation of my honest comment and giving me a one star for that reason alone.

Michael wrote:I can predict the future of this topic
a moderator will lock this topic
lets see whats happening...

That is almost a definite. Be well, Michael.

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witch wyzwurd
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Postby witch wyzwurd » Mon Dec 03, 2007 7:27 pm

Steve said:
First, witch wyzurd, I wasn't even making a comment about Michael's game. I made a comment about a dther99 game that he made a comment on.

I said:
I'm not sure of the whole debate here.

I caught the gist of what was happening a few months ago, but saw it as deterring forum members from anything useful, and when I saw that you were involved, I pretty much figured Michael took something out of context, so I just glossed over the argument and didn't take a chance to comprehend it fully. When I responded yesterday, I didn't bother to investigate the whole matter, since my main point was just to find a common ground amongst Michael and the rest of us and move on. Thanks for keeping me up-to-date. Now the whole matter seems more frivolous than it was before.

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steve the gaming guy
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Postby steve the gaming guy » Mon Dec 03, 2007 9:07 pm

witch wyzwurd the man wrote:Now the whole matter seems more frivolous than it was before.

That is true, my man. :D

Michael The Gamer
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Postby Michael The Gamer » Tue Dec 04, 2007 7:51 am

witch wyzwurd wrote:
But still Im getting revenge until I get an apology from paul_one and 007 bond

Michael, what's your gain in getting revenge? Will the value of your life increase? Will your Quest games become better?

007bond stated personal feelings of how he thinks about you, but that doesn't mean what he wants will come to pass. But if you keep egging it on by being revengeful, then it might (which doesn't mean I agree with it). So what's the point? Just concentrate on the core reason you got Quest... to make games. The best revenge you can have on anyone in this forum is to make a really good game (which doesn't mean I think anybody else's suck).

Posts get locked because a reply would either degenerate into meaningless babble or because something is figured out and doesn't need a response. Usually the latter doesn't occur, but since paul_one has the ability to lock posts, he probably did it to his own because he could.

As I aforesaid, not every person imposing judgement is unbiased or fair. Paul_one provides insight into ASL and will provide input to help another gamer in programming, so find friendship with him at this level.

You'll feel people have positive and negative qualities here and anywhere else, so quit picking a fight with their negative qualities and cherish the lighter aspects of them.

Im using this topic
to stop this anger and revenge
hope the moderators dont lock this topic

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Postby Alex » Tue Dec 04, 2007 12:22 pm

Enough of this, thanks.

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