Warning!Awesome Newbie coming!

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Warning!Awesome Newbie coming!

Postby sonic102 » Fri May 18, 2012 11:03 am

I am Niranjan, a boy of 10 from Southeast Asia.That's all I can say about myself.

I have a real imaginative mind, and I usually created games on paper. The first paper game I created was a multiplayer game called 'Battle' where two people fought each other using attacks, spells etc. I made more uniplayer and multiplayer games like these.

The first computer game I played(which my mind records) was a Sonic game.(hence my questname.)I wondered if I could create games like that. I found out that I needed HIGH coding power.

That's when I met a website called Sploder. It's an easy game maker, in which I still make games today. The only problem I had was I could not define my own objects.

I saw a movie called 'Animator v.s Animation 2'(you have to see 1,2 and 3; they're really funny). In it, I found that the creator had a software called 'Game Maker'.I downloaded it, and I found out it was awesome.(Try it, you'll like it! :D )

Then I played a game on Armor Games called 'Llama Adventure'. It was not a graphic game, and I found out that it was called 'Text adventure' games. It was just the type for me, because I use more intelligence than reflexes and hand movement(althrough I'm not that bad.I finished a full J&D game alone.)I tried designing a text adventure, first on Game Maker(which failed), and then on paper(which half-succeeded).

That's when I found Quest...
....and my story comes to an end.

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Re: Warning!Awesome Newbie coming!

Postby guzmere » Mon Jan 07, 2013 5:54 pm

Hi stories never come to an end they just turn corners with new incite and experience for the new direction you travel on. Good journeys for your future, shape the world right in your image. Terry :D :D :D :D

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